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A Taylor, Jon & William Trio
While attending a charity gala at the home of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in London Tuesday, Taylor Swift met the prince for the first time and tells London's Daily Mail,
Jon's Harsh Words
Sorry, Beliebers, but your main man Justin Bieber is not the most popular dude right now. Even Jon Bon Jovi is taking some pot shots at the teen heartthrob.
Jon Bon Jovi Celebrates Big Today [POLL/VIDEO]
Jon Bon Jovi has been the front man for one of the most successful bands in the music business for the past 25 years and today he celebrates his 50th birthday.  Most ladies would say there is now way the Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy nominee is 50, but its true, he was born March 2, 1962 in Ne…
Jon Bon Jovi Victim Of Death Hoax
Rest assured, Jon Bon Jovi is alive!  He was the victim of an online hoax that spread like wildfire yesterday afternoon saying that he had died in Asbury Park.  The rumor went viral right after the website dailynewsbloginternational "reported" his death from a cardiac arrest and was found …

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