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‘Mother’s Day’ Review: Garry Marshall Will Not Rest Until He’s Ruined Every Holiday
There’s no silence quieter than the one in a movie theater during an bad comedy. At times during Mother’s Day, director Garry Marshall’s newest debasement of a beloved holiday, a hush fell over the theater to rival the quietude at a Benedictine monastery. When the laughter finally came, it’s always at the movie’s expense. This disaster is less deliberately funny than the last movie titled Mother’s Day, and that was a violent horror film.
Kate Hudson And Sarah Jessica Parker To Join Glee Cast
The third season finale of Glee is quickly approaching, and the guest stars just keep getting better and better. Whoopi Goldberg, Lindsey Lohan, and Perez Hilton are all set to appear in the last few episodes of this current season. But writers and producers have already locking down some of the biggest names in the industry for the upcoming fourth season. They just announced that a Golden-Globe w

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