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Making Out With Jon Bon Jovi, How Is It? [VIDEO]
It's pretty much every woman's dream I think, to make out with Jon Bon Jovi!  Jon is starring in a new movie called New Year's Eve along side Katherine Heigl.  In the movie, Jon plays a rock star and Katherine is his former love interest and it's a given there is some k…
Jon Bon Jovi Gets Slapped [VIDEO]
Ladies, I know you would never think about slapping Jon Bon Jovi in the face, but that's exactly what Katherine Heigl got to do not once but twice in the upcoming movie New Year's Eve!  Hang on, don't look but the slaps are coming up after the jump!
Newly Released DVD Are Good This Week
This week we have a lot of the movies that were in theaters last summer that I didn't slow down enough to go and watch. This weekend is going to rock with entertainment even if you only get a couple of these DVDs -- more after the jump.