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CBS Denies Colbert-Corden ‘Late Show’ Swap Rumors
The Republican National Convention has certainly energized Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, but there’s little two ways about the former Colbert Report host struggling to find his voice on CBS. James Corden’s Late Late Show has only grown in the subsequent time slot however, but wou…
Who Should Replace Letterman?
Late Show host David Letterman announced last night on his show that he would be retiring sometime in 2015 and then joked that he and Paul Schaffer could then go and get married! Late night television will not be the same without David Letterman. His famous Top 10 Lists, Stupid Human Tricks and Pet …
Lady Gaga Streaming Final Show
Lady Gaga is in the nearing the end of her mini-residency at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. At the conclusion of her stay at the Roseland, it will close for good. Lady Gaga's final show is coming up on Monday, April 7th, which is sold out, and it will be streamed live online for all Li…
Gomez on Letterman
Selena Gomez donned a pair of dominatrix, butt kicker boots to perform her new single 'Come & Get It' on 'The Late Show With David Letterman.' Check out her blingy microphone.
Stealin' The Show
David Letterman pulled zero punches when forced to interview Lindsay Lohan for 'The Late Show' last night (April 9), making the starlet visibly uncomfortable at certain points.
Thing is, Letterman's so affable that it was hard for her to stay mad at him.
Just A Little Chat
If Brian Williams knows anything about the ongoing behind-the-scenes struggles of NBC's 'Today' and 'Tonight' shows, he wasn't spilling during his 'Late Show' interview with David Letterman on Tuesday.
Selena Disses Justin
Selena Gomez has been taking passive aggressive digs at Justin Bieber since they first broke up, and she kept the momentum going with her Monday night interview on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' where she and the adorably gap-toothed host poked fun at her ex's misery.
And this t…

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