Men In High Heels
How did this trend and site escape me! Men in high heels, is it the new black?  Really?  Seriously ladies, if the man in your life arrived sporting heels, would you even take him seriously?  There is an entire site devoted to this trend too...
Sperm Counts Are on the Decline (Blame Electronics)
According to researchers, the sperm counts of European and American men have been steadily falling over the last 50 years.
Scientists believe environmental factors are contributing this decline. Warm baths, nicotine and alcohol have always been sperm killers, but new threats such as the heat generat…
What Men & Women Want In a Date
The dating website recently surveyed their customers to find out what they were
looking for in the opposite sex and found that men and women roughly want the same thing from one another.
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Guys – Things You Should NOT Do in Public
Let’s face it — all guys have strange or disgusting habits. You’ve all picked our noses or sneezed all over something or scratched your butts when you don’t think that anyone is looking, but what’s not OK is doing these things in …