Super Entertainment
In addition to the biggest game in the sports world that will be played out at the Superdome Sunday evening in New Orleans, we're also going to be treated to some great entertainment too.
Sandy Hook Survivors Record Song for Charity [VIDEO]
While the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary shook the nation to its core, there is no way to imagine what the students who survived are feeling. It's hard to find words to describe what they are going through. Instead of finding words to help, they used music. You're going to want to have a…
Longview Church Remembers Newtown Victims
Many images are imprinted on our minds after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, but perhaps one of the most impressive and peaceful images is that of the 26 wooden angels that were erected on a hillside, in memory of the twenty students and six adults that were shot and kil…