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You Can Buy Whataburger Running Shoes
Do you need constant motivation? Or perhaps a beautiful reminder of delicious cheeseburgers and honey buttered chicken biscuits to fuel your workout. Your trainer may be annoyed, but you'll be loving your new kicks.
Make Good Use of Those Amazon Boxes
We did more online shopping than ever before in December, and that might mean stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes taking up space in the garage now.

Get rid of the boxes and help some folks with this win-win idea. Just fill them up with things you were going to donate to charity anyway, and the …
East Texas Goodwill Can Use That Box
Now that the online shopping madness is over, what should we do with all those boxes?  If you haven't recycled them yet, here's a great idea that will help you declutter the house and help Goodwill at the same time.
Millions Admit to Online Shopping in an Atypical Place
Are you planning to shop in the store, or online this weekend? Actually going to Broadway Square Mall, grabbing the item you want, and paying for it there without having to wait for UPS to bring it to you seems sort of nostalgic now. Die hard shoppers might argue it's the most fun way to obtain ne…