Mom & Dad Rap Group [VIDEO]
The day to day life of parents can seem a little boring at times, but this mom and dad make it more interesting. They explain how their life is still pretty cool in their very own rap video. This is sure to make you laugh.
Cee-Lo Green Appearing On Parenthood On Tuesday [VIDEO]

Cee-Lo will be playing himself on next Tuesday's episode of Parenthood on NBC where he decides to record an album.  The album Cee-Lo's recording is a tribute to the '60's and he begins to feel the vibes of the room once he learned that Janis Joplin recorded in the room.  In the clip of the show, com…
What Celebrity Inspires Moms?
Once the baby comes, Moms have to balance a whole new life with existing things like work, school, relationships, grocery shopping -- and the list goes on.
What celebrity do-it-all Mom is the most inspiring?