Ultimate Test Drive
When looking at purchasing a car, there are things you've gotta deal with, the salesman, the test drive, the paperwork, the bank and the list goes on! One of the first things you've gotta do when looking at a car is take it for a test drive to see how you like it and how you feel in the car. Most of the time the test drive's a bit awkward because the salesman is in the car with you.
Beyonce + Pepsi Break the Rules With New, Creative Branding Partnership
Beyonce and Pepsi are continuing their relationship, but they are doing so in both classic and innovative ways. As part of a partnership that will span multiple years, Bey and Pepsi will team up for limited edition engagements and a creative content development fund, reportedly worth $50 million in fees. Wait, what's a creative content development fund? Well, Pepsi is not just about hiring Bey to

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