Thanksgiving Pinterest Board
Mix 93-1 knows planning holiday gatherings can be tough, so we've done the extra work for you! Check out our newest Pinterest board to get some last minute ideas to make this year's Thanksgiving the best ever!
Pintrest: Grown Up Christmas List
Remember the days when Mom and Dad asked you to make a Christmas list? You'd write down a list of wants and must-haves that you hoped Santa would place under the tree on Christmas morning. Once I progressed past my teenage years, when my parents would a request a list I never felt right about g…
Pinterest Halloween Ideas
Pinterest has become the go-to place for any creative ideas - and Halloween is no exception. With recipes, crafts, costumes and more, your Halloween is sure to be eerily perfect with the help of Pinterest!
Engaged + Married Same Day Not Every Girls Dream
There is an incredibly sweet proposal video going viral online where Ryan Leak made his girlfriend of five years' dream come true. Amanda Roman had dreamed of getting engaged and married on the same day. Immediately Ryan and Amanda's story reminded me of an article that I stumbled across last week a…
Ultimate Dream Wedding
Planning a wedding is a big HUGE task. You've got to figure out the specifics for the date, time, venue, music, photography, marriage officiant, wedding party, food, flowers, guest list, the wedding dress, the tux, and countless other details to make your day absolutely perfect. Usually, the couple …
The Best Memes on Pinterest
One of the many reasons I have fallen head over heels in love with Pinterest is the hilarious memes found on the site. It's fun to dream about wearing the latest in fashion, look through other people's wedding boards, but the memes offer a nice humorous break in the day.
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Pinterest - the website that has condensed everything we've ever wanted (or wanted to make) into one place. But what are we missing?

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