It's Not Too Soon For a Great Promposal Idea
Prom season is still a couple of months off, but guys in East Texas are starting to ask girls to save those dates now. All guys really need for a great Promposal is one word, and the more over-the-top the presentation is, the better.
High School Girl Wears Most Shocking Dress To Prom
Prom season is just around the corner for East Texas high schoolers. Soon girls will be picking out that perfect dress to wear to the big dance while the guys will be fitted for their tuxes.  Prom is meant to be a classy event and to serve as a highlight of your high school years but somehow th…
5 Tips for a Stress-Free Prom Day
As the end of the school year is approaching, that means prom is getting that much closer. And for those high-schoolers going to prom, getting ready and looking perfect means everything. Luckily, these tips will be lifesavers.
NBA Star Dwyane Wade Surprises Teen at Prom [VIDEO]
There are a lot of athletes out there who give off the impression that they are all big and bad. People assume that because they play tough, that they are tough off the field. While in some cases that may be true, not everyone is like that, like Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade for example.
Will You Go To Prom?
Prom season is just around the corner and may high school boys will be intimidated to ask the girl to the prom for fear of rejection and many will just be embarrassed but somehow work up the confidence to ask the young lady to be his date for the special night. Over the past couple of years we've se…

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