Texas Teams Aren't MLB's Most Valuable
The Rangers and Astros don't crack the Top Ten on the Forbes' list of Major League Baseball's most valuable franchises, but that doesn't seem to bother Texans one bit. In fact, we kinda rebel against the richest teams, don't we?
A Baby Changes Everything for the Rangers' Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus became a father last summer, so the off season has been full of spit up, late-night feedings, and smelly diaper changes. Glamorous! But Rangers fans can be excited knowing that Elvis expects fatherhood to make him an even better player this season.
Texas Rangers Find Themselves in a Nail-Biter
Even if you're not particularly a baseball fan, you may appreciate the drama today. It's making national news.
The Texas Rangers have been leading their division almost the whole baseball season, and now after 161 games, the Rangers and A's have identical records, and today's game will decide who the…
Lightning Strike Sends Texas Rangers for Cover [VIDEO]
It was the top of the fourth inning last night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as the Texas Rangers were taking on the Minnesota Twins when a loud clap of thunder and bolt of lightning sent players scrambling to the dugout. The lightning obviously hit very close to the stadium. You can see the inte…
Happy Ending For Young Rangers Fan [VIDEO]
Cameron Shores became an internet celeb after video of him losing a foul ball thrown by Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland to an obnoxious couple sitting next to him. This morning he took to the Today Show this morning to talk about it. Ok well, he didn’t do much of the talking, but his parents ga…

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