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Lena Dunham Joins 'American Horror Story' Season 7
Well, our days of astonishment with Ryan Murphy’s eclectic casting are certainly coming to a middle. Just hours away from learning American Horror Story Season 7’s title and theme, the creator reveals that Girls alum Lena Dunham will get political with a guest role.
'American Horror Story' Renewed for Seasons 8 and 9
We’ve barely begun the rigmarole of American Horror Story teasing its seventh season, but it’ll be time yet before Ryan Murphy beings his flagship anthology franchise to a close. FX has officially picked up an additional two seasons of American Horror Story, likely taking us through at…
'American Horror Story' Season 6 Sets 'Coven' Star Return
We’re curiously late in the year to not know which direction American Horror Story will head in its sixth season, but production will nonethless kick off to make an October premiere. To wit, American Horror Story Season 6 may start filming in June, or at least July, with comedian Leslie Jorda…

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