Black Friday At A Dollar Store [VIDEO]
A week ago East Texans were camping outside of the big box retailers trying to get their hands on the best deals for Black Friday.  They were looking to save money on electronics, toys and more and to do that many had to wait in long lines to get the savings, but imagine if you in a Black Frida…
Justin Bieber Teams With Macy’s for Black Friday [VIDEO]
Last year it was the limo driver, warehouse and dock workers, and finally a store employee screaming like little girls at the sight of Justin Bieber walking by on his way to a Macy's store.  Well, Macy's and Bieber are back together for a new Black Friday ad that hits the air today.
Back To School Shopping Tips For East Texans
This weekend you could potentially save a lot of money in taxes because this weekend is Texas State Sales Tax Holiday.  As you head out thinking you could be saving a lot of money thanks to not paying taxes, you could end up buying quite a few things you wouldn't normally buy or not even n…