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Presidential Alert is Coming to Your Phone Today
Today is the day that we're going to hear everyone's phone go off with an alert at the exact same time and no one can opt out. The test had been planned for September 20th, but it was postponed because of Hurricane Florence. It's happening today during your lunch hour.
The Emptiness That One Feels After Losing A Cell Phone
Many of us have become so dependent upon that little palm-sized three ounce piece of technology we call our smartphones, that just the mere thought of losing it, we'd go out of our minds. It wasn't all that long ago when we didn't have to worry about keeping up with something that has…
Saturday Night Is A Great Time To Lose Your Valuables
If you're headed out tonight for some holiday cheer, be forewarned that you just may lose your smart phone.
New stats say Saturday evening at 6pm is the most common time to lose things.
Perhaps when the beverages start flowing, we become more forgetful than usual. What other things to we typical…
Can You Think of Anyone Who Doesn’t Have a Cell Phone?
New Pew Center research says 85 percent of Americans now have cell phones. Everyone we know has one, right? Except maybe Grandma. She's in that 15 percent that miraculously moves through life without a mobile phone.
One out of every two people over the age of 18 owns a smart phone.
What do y…
This is the Most Forgotten Item at Hotels
Have you ever checked out of a hotel, traveled home, and then realized you left something behind in the room?
I have. On a road trip to the north, my family stayed at a hotel in Wichita, Kansas, and when we got home we could only find one Dora The Explorer sock. In the process of jumping on the bed …
How Often Do You Check Your Phone?
I read that 20 percent of us check our smart phones every ten minutes.
I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those helpless, pathetic addicts. I just can’t stand not knowing what might be going on inside that phone as it sits there on my desk. Has someone sent a text? What new emails have just landed? M…

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