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Seperated at Birth
Let's play a game. Based on the image at left, which side is Apple founder Steve Jobs and which side is Ashton Kutcher, the actor playing him in the upcoming biopic 'jOBS'?
Ashton Kutcher Debuts His Steve Jobs Look — Is He Convincing?
No one’s ever accused Ashton Kutcher of being smart. He played an airhead on ‘That 70s Show’ and some of his decisions — like his controversial “brownface” PopChips commercial and that Joe Paterno tweet — are evidence of that. But, he was smart enough to hop on the ‘Two and a Half Men’ train and to …
Guess who got a new ‘Job’
It was only a matter time before the story of Steve Jobs hit the big screen.  After a search that included A-Listers to Unknowns, the role of the ultimate geek has finally been cast.  Check out who got the ultimate 'Job'!

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