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New Panelist
After much speculation, anti-vaccination crusader Jenny McCarthy has officially been confirmed by Barbara Walters as the new co-host on 'The View,' replacing exiting host Joy Behar. Let's just hope she keeps her opinions on medicine to herself.
Leaving the View
Right-wing conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving 'The View' (you probably already knew about that) -- and landing right into a cushy job at Fox News. Which should surprise exactly no one.
Walters Is Upset
Things have been a tad messy for the lineup on 'The View,' with long-running host Joy Behar leaving, Brooke Shields rumored to be taking her place and right-wing conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck facing firing rumors that Barbara Walters herself denied on the show last week. Publicly, anyway. Behind closed doors? Well, that's another story.

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