Your East Texas Holiday Tipping Guide
Most of us don't live buildings with a doorman so we can skip that, but we should be tipping landlords, delivery drivers, and handymen this holiday season. How much? And how do we get the tip into the hands of the trash collector?
iPad Cash Registers Guilt Us Into Tipping More
I took my daughters to a fast-casual food court the other day and each restaurant had an iPad cash register, which meant that I spent 12 to 20 percent more than I would have with other payment terminals. It's too hard to say no to the tip!
Tipping — Who to Tip? When Should You Tip? How Much?
With the Holiday season upon us, we will be out and about more. On these outings there will be tip jars as far as the eye can see. Coffee shops, delivery drivers, and of course your waitress or waiter will be looking for those extra bucks to come into their pockets from yours. So, who do you tip and…