New Toilet Invention Makes Bathroom Break a Luxury [VIDEO]
The next time you take a trip to the john, think about how nice it'd be to own Numi, a brand-new toilet with every possible amenity you'd ever need.
Plumbing company Kohler invented the sophisticated, high-tech toilet and it's definitely a porcelain throne fit for royalty.
St. Potty’s Day! The Potty Paper Parade.
You may have noticed all the portable toilets that have been decorated and placed around Tyler. They did not magically appear so that leprechauns could go to the bathroom on St. Patrick's Day. They were decorated by different organizations and placed at strategic locations as drop off points fo…
Hotel Super Toilet Can Flush 18 Golf Balls At Once
If you want a powerful toilet, go to a Loews hotel.
Frustrated that about four guests a day were clogging up the latrine at each of their hotels, the Loews chain is now featuring an American Standard Champion 4 toilet that is so powerful it can flush 18 golf balls (or 40 feet of toilet paper) at once