Taylor Swift fans are just like their idol -- easily angered. Instead of penning their anger into a snappy tune, the pop star's Swifties get real freakin' vicious.

Now, stop us if you've heard this one: T. Swizzle's fans are angry over a T-shirt that pokes fun at the '22' songstress. Sound familiar? Probably, because they got real mad when Abercrombie & Fitch was selling a tee that read, "# More Boyfriends Than T.S.' Aside from that being possibly the dumbest shirt ever (do they even know how hashtags work?), the company actually backed off from selling that shirt.

Now, Swifties have their targets set on Bad Kids Clothing, who are hawking a tee that has the names of all of Taylor's exes on it. Unfortunately, the shirt also included the name of Cory Monteith, which has since been removed after his untimely death. Andi Cross, who owns the clothing store, says Swifties have threatened to burn down her store among other unsavory insults and actions.

The store issued a statement saying, "We will not be removing the shirt from our store. We will however remove Cory’s name. This shirt is intended to be light hearted and a joke — for those who can understand this type of humor."

Okay, Swifties, put your claws away. Bullying isn't cool.

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