One of these things is not like the other... unless Game is looking to start penning sappy breakup songs and Taylor Swift wants to move to Compton and drop a mixtape. But seriously, what brought these two unlikely characters into each other's worlds?

Game has started an on initiative called 60 Days of Fitness, where he has vowed to turn fat into lean, mean muscle. So where does T. Swift (or Sweezy as her rap name would be) come into the equation? Seems as though the 'Jesus Piece' rapper has had various stars like Rob Kardashian, La La Vasquez and now Taylor meet him at the gym to twerk it out. Side note: does Taylor work out in that circus ringleader getup she's wearing in the picture?

So far, Game's progress has been pretty impressive and he isn't being shy about flaunting his new body on Instagram, but he hasn't actually lost weight. He tweeted back on Jan. 2, "For those who said I lost weight.... I have lost no weight.... Replaced body fat with muscle. Simple." So what's the motivation behind this drastic change in exercise and eating habits? According to the Daily Mail, Game wants to get fit for Valentine's Day! Awww!

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