Taylor Swift, the country crossover queen, has gotten a bit of lot of flack from fans of her onetime main genre for her shift into the pop world. While Swift still has an Oxford-covered foot in the country world, she has pretty much made the transition to pop star, even with 'Red.' However, she has happily stepped back into the country world with her appearance on the new Tim McGraw song 'Highway Don't Care.'

Swift lends her honeyed vocals to this delightful watering hole ballad, sounding sweet as sugar. 'American Idol' judge Keith Urban also appears on the song. Even if you don't like country music, something tells us you will totally fall in love with this song since it has such universal lyrical appeal, and since Swift and McGraw's voices enjoy a pretty interplay.

Diehard Swifties will remember that the singer's debut single was called 'Tim McGraw.' It's only fair that she would lend her vocals to one of his new album's songs since she wrote a song that was named after him and likely didn't pay him for the usage!

Take a listen and tell us what you think of 'Highway Don't Care.'

Listen to Taylor Swift on Tim McGraw Song 'Highway Don't Care'