As I looked around for something to post tonight, I realized, you can't escape him.  So if you can't escape him, post him!  From the obvious places like ESPN, to the not so obvious like the Drudge Report, Tim Tebow is everywhere. Even Lady Gaga had something to say.

The NFL playoffs are always a big deal, but Denver's overtime win against Pittsburgh last night was something else entirely. Need proof? Forty-five million people watched Denver-Pittsburgh last night, the largest audience for an AFC Wild Card Playoff game since 1988.

He also set a Twitter record. As soon as Tebow threw the touchdown in overtime, people began tweeting about it to the tune of 9,240 tweets per second.

Even Mother Monster herself chimed in:   (We edited out her expletive.  Superstars get excited, too.)

Lady Gaga, twitter






When Lady Gaga, who has 17.8 million followers on Twitter (most in the world) tweets about you, you've clearly moved beyond just being a run of the mill pro athlete.

The No. 1 trending topic on Yahoo! today? Tebow's favorite bible verse, John 3:16. Trending at No. 7 was Tebow himself.

If you couldn't care less about sports and are wondering why this guy is everywhere today, check out the game winning pass below. Oh, and the whole "Tebowing" craze from a few weeks ago? It's back, too.  Even the CBS Sports crew got in on the fun.

And if you think the hype is overblown now, just wait until you see what happens if he beats Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Saturday. Lady Gaga just might go ... gaga!

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