"Telco Plus Credit - Your Financial Solution"

A credit union is an association of people, united by a common bond, organized under state or federal law so they may pool their individual resources to save and lend at favorable rates. Credit unions operate “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” A credit union is owned and controlled by its members.

Telco Plus Credit Union is set apart by how they educate their members on making good, sound, financial decisions. They help their members improve their financial state by offering free credit counseling by our certified financial counselors. They want you to succeed financially and they help you do that by working with you. They listen to what their members want and work with you based on goals you set.

East Texas Telco Credit Union was organized as a state-chartered credit union in a Longview home. The credit union  served employees of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Longview. As the credit union grew, the location was moved to its present location at 423 Gilmer Road.  Another branch in Tyler was added in 1996. In 1997, the board chose to change the name of the credit union to Telco Plus Credit Union to  better reflect the expanded membership base.

Today, Telco Plus Credit Union serves anyone who lives or works in Gregg or Smith counties. To establish membership, a savings account must be opened with a minimum deposit of $25. Once membership is established, you are eligible to take advantage of their other great products and services!

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  • What can you do to prepare for retirement?

Founded: 1951