We all know there are lots of delicious sandwiches offered all over Texas. Just like everything else in Texas things are bigger, so if you’re looking for a gigantic sandwich that will require a nap when you’re finished you can find that here. But sometimes it’s not just about the size of the sandwich, you just want fresh ingredients and are looking for more quality over quantity. One of the most popular sandwich shops in Texas is a chain, Jersey Mike’s. But did you know that Jersey Mike’s has a secret menu? 

Jersey Mike's Secret Menu

I’m a big fan of sandwiches so I love stopping by Jersey Mike’s as I do appreciate that they slice their meat and cheese fresh for their sandwiches. But I will admit that I just learned about their secret menu items. It’s always interesting to me to see the secret menu items because most times these are created by a local store, but the sandwich is so good, people start ordering it at other locations.  

Why I Won’t Try Their Secret Menu Items 

I’m a big fan of Jersey Mike’s but I already have my favorite sandwich at Jersey Mike’s, and I am not sure I am willing to try something else. I know I am a creature of habit, and since I already found a sandwich I love, it’s difficult for me to switch up the sandwich choice. 

Let’s Look at The Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu 

Here is a look at some of the sandwich options you can order at Jersey Mike’s even if you don’t see them on the menu. Just remember to be extra nice to the employees when you request one of these sandwiches.  

Jersey Mike's Secret Menu

Here are the Sandwiches You Can Order but Aren't on the Menu

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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