Back in my day when you missed practice it was extra laps. At this school it's bear crawls and you're going to do it on the track in the heat.

Over in Mathis, Texas an investigation is currently underway about a punishment involving the girl's volleyball team. Some girls showed up to practice late. I remember being in sports and the coach doesn't want to hear any excuses as to why you're late. So you take your punishment, which is usually extra physical activity, and you move on with the practice.

What this coach had the girls do were bear crawls. 100 yards up and 100 yards back. If you don't know what a bear crawl is, you basically lean forward on your hands using them to support your weight and crawl forward. This doesn't seem like the worst punishment in the world, but the coach had them do this outside, on the track, in August heat. The girl's hands were literally sticking to the track because it was so hot outside.


The girls pushed through the punishment because they didn't want to have to do more. Once finished, they saw the damage it caused. One girl went to a nurse who put medicine on it and wrapped it up. When one girl's father came to pick her up he asked what happened to her hands and she asked to go to the hospital. When a doctor pulled off the wraps, the skin on her hands was pulled back.


I unfortunately do not have the rights to the photo so I can not put it into this story. If you want to see it, scroll down towards the bottom of this post. A doctor confirmed that the girl suffered second degree burns from the punishment. The district released a statement on the situation.

"The Mathis Independent School District (“District”) has received a report of injuries suffered by some volleyball players during practice.  The District takes all issues dealing with student injuries seriously.  Further, the District shall cooperate with any regulatory agencies to ensure that this matter deserves the attention it deserves. The safety of the District’s students remains of upmost importance to the District personnel, and all employees will continue to follow all safety protocols developed by the District."

I don't think the coach knew how hot the track was, but still it's August in Texas. You wouldn't want to walk around barefoot this time of the year. Let alone walk on your hands in the heat.

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