It's summertime in Texas, and while it's one of my favorite seasons, it also means a whole lot of bugs that I don't like will be coming out. We're talking all kinds of Beatles, wasps, and other creepy flying insects.

But maybe the worst of all are ticks. Not only can they be dangerous, but they're just icky in general. In Texas, they can be an issue year-round, but they are most commonly seen during warmer months.

How bad are ticks in Texas?

While Texas may not have the worst tick problem in America, it still has a problem. Texas ranks at No. 3 for the worst states for Tick-borne Illnesses, according to Daily Mail. 

States were ranked through factors including infestation risk, environmental factors, tick distribution, climate, agricultural factors, and pest control. Texas ranked so high on the list of 'worst states for Tick-borne Illnesses' due to its infestation ranking of 42, despite only having 23 cases of infections.

Unsplash via Erik Karits
Unsplash via Erik Karits

I had never thought about it before, but there are actually several different species of ticks found in Texas. Some of the most common, listed by Romney Pest Control, are American dog ticks, black legged ticks, brown dog ticks, and lone star ticks.

Ticks survive by feeding on animals and people's blood. They are usually found outdoors -- favoring wooded or grassy areas -- but they can be in many places. You especially should check yourself if you've recently been to the woods, hiking in a thickly vegetated area, or even just sat in some tall grass.

After all, these little pests can carry some dangerous diseases.

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What makes ticks dangerous?

Ticks can carry diseases that are transferred to people through their bites. While Lyme disease is one you often hear about, there are several others as well. Some common diseases found in Texas ticks are:

If you do find a tick on yourself at any time, remove it by pinching or with tweezers. Monitor how you're feeling in the coming weeks to make sure no disease is transmitted.

4 Common Ticks Found in Texas

There are actually several different types of ticks you'll find in Texas. Be careful when you go to areas where ticks may get on you, as they can carry numerous diseases.

Here are 4 common ones found in Texas according to Romney Pest Control.

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