This is a story with two really great stories tied directly to Tyler, Texas.

Last week, pictures from a local photo shoot went incredibly viral, being shared on Little Things, Huffington Post, Houston Chron and more. What made this particular photo shoot so special it garnered over 86,000 shares, 10 thousand comments and almost 40,000 likes? The message it sends to women. All women.

Every person should be able to see themselves in that light. It is really eye-opening.

A young Texas couple took some steamy lakeside photos together and three things happened.

  1. Stephanie and Arryn saw first-hand how they look in love.
  2. Stephanie's confidence shot up after seeing how confident and in love she looked.
  3. Bria Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography in Tyler has quite the eye for capturing love in a lens.
Wolf & Rose Photography
Wolf & Rose Photography

Stephanie told Huff Post about how she struggled with her body image growing up in school:

I honestly have never felt more attractive. I was so nervous to see the final result. I didn’t know what to expect. But when I saw the album, I was shocked. I look so in love and confident. Every person should be able to see themselves in that light. It is really eye-opening.

Yes. They are clearly in love and her fiance (husband-to-be in February, 2019) has played a huge role in always making her feel beautiful, because she is.

Huge credit goes to the photographer, Bria Terry, who has been doing photography for three years and has had Wolf & Rose for almost a full year in the East Texas city of Tyler. In this particular project, Terry told Chron that she wanted to find a real couple actually in love. She was working on a project series featuring photos of 28 different couples.


She remember Arryn and Stephanie from their engagement announcement and knew they were perfect for the project.

My goal while photographing couples is to get them to engage more with each other, and kind of forget that I'm there. Once they started interacting, it was all love between them, and all I had to do was get my settings in order and shoot.

You can check out more photos of the couple in love that's taken the Internet by storm and if you're interested, you can visit Wolf & Rose Photography for your next big shoot!

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