Even if you're not particularly a baseball fan, you may appreciate the drama today. It's making national news.

The Texas Rangers have been leading their division almost the whole baseball season, and now after 161 games, the Rangers and A's have identical records, and today's game will decide who the division champ is, and who gets the better playoff spot. It's come down to the wire.

Are you nervous today? I am!

The A's are pesky and we're playing this afternoon IN Oakland. The crowd will be into it.

And we don't even have to bring up the Rangers' past two World Series appearances. The Rangers are not a team that has become known for finishing a season on a high note. And I say that as a HUGE Rangers fan. I own enough Rangers clothing to open a store. It pains me to put that down on paper, but it is true. The Rangers are not good at closing out teams and seasons when they have a chance.

Let's hope today is different, and the Rangers beat the Oakland A's, win the American League West, and enter the American League playoffs on a high note.

Game time is 2:35pm Central.

Go Rangers!