Texas is one of the stickiest states in the USA but don't get grossed out ... that's actually a really good thing.

When it comes to being "sticky" as a state, there's nothing "icky" about it. It's a compliment and the lone star state can claim to be the stickiest one of 'em all.

Things really are bigger and better here in Texas which is why we landed the honor of being the stickiest state in the union.

States have people moving to them and moving away from them every day. The reasons vary but Texans, for whatever reason, are the least likely peeps to want to leave their state.

Texas has the biggest pull for homegrown residents, according to a 2023 study from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas analyzing data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, with approximately 82 per cent staying put. - independent.com

What Are The Top 5 Stickiest States?

After the Lone Star State, comes North Carolina (75.5 per cent), Georgia (74.2 per cent), California (73.0 per cent) and Utah (72.9 per cent). - independent.com

Some of the reasons Texans love their state so much include things like the weather, interesting and cool things to do, vibrant art scenes, a great job market and the fact that we have no state income tax here.

For me, it's all that but also the fact that we have so much open space. There are tons of places to go to get away from it all including some amazing national parks and a pretty good stretch of Route 66.

What Are The Top 5 Least Sticky States?

On the other end of the spectrum are the least sticky states, like Wyoming (45.2), North Dakota (48.6 per cent), Alaska (48.7 per cent), Rhode Island (55.2 per cent) and South Dakota (54.2 per cent). - independent.com

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