Everyone does it, but where are the best spots in Tyler? When you're looking for the most fascinating people in town and hoping to observe some strange behaviors, you need to stake out the best people-watching places in Tyler.

The first thing to consider when deciding where to people-watch is what kind of observations you are hoping to make - do you need a good laugh or are you just intrigued by watching others interact? The decision is yours, but these are our favorite spots in Tyler:

1. Walmart

Obviously, Walmart always has an ample supply of fascinating people wandering through the aisles. We suggest the locations on South Broadway or at the corner of Loop 323 and Highway 64 if you want to fit in some people-watching time while you shop. Don't forget, the later at night you're there, the more interesting the people are!

2. Starbucks Coffee

This is another no-brainer place for people-watching. Starbucks almost always has someone ordering something like a venti half-caf, vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin spice latte that is stirred, not shaken with one and a half packets of Splenda. If that doesn't either confuse you or make you smile (or both), you may want to try another one of our top people-watching places.

3. Broadway Square Mall

With the array of stores found at the mall, there are sure to be some fascinating characters shopping at the mall at any given time. Just take a break from shopping, grab a drink and sit down on a couch to observe those around you. You're almost guaranteed great people-watching stories from that view. Even better, ask a sales associate at your favorite store about some of their favorite encounters.

4. Bergfeld Park

Almost everyone in Tyler drives past Bergfeld Park on a regular basis, and it's pretty dependable for people-watching. Of course, there are kids playing in the fountain and on the playground, but there is so much more if you just take a deeper look. There are dog-owners chasing after their dogs, who are chasing after squirrels, and teenagers trying to relive their childhood glory by leaping off the swings at their peak. What makes Bergfeld and even greater people-watching spot is all of the events that occur there - from festivals to photo shoots to birthday parties, there is always something to watch.

5. The Square

Yes, downtown has some fabulous people-watching places too. Tyler's Downtown Square has restaurants, businesses, banks and more surrounding it, so the collection of people that frequent the area vary vastly. Grab a spot on a bench or just take a walk around the square for a mid-day people-watching break, it's sure to provide some quality entertainment.