As we're seeing with Hurricane Laura, Mother Nature doesn't play around. But with that power, we can't help but be in awe of the beauty of that power. We've shared videos of waterspouts off the coast of Louisiana over the last week. This video from an off shore oil rig is the closest, and most beautiful, we've seen out of those videos.

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As a kid, whenever just a tornado watch was issued, I was a nervous wreck. That nervousness ended up turning into a fascination. I would love at some point to tag along with a storm chaser so I could get an up close look at a tornado. Even get as close as these oilmen got to these waterspouts of the coast of Louisiana about a week ago.

Dude, that is awesome.

The closest I've ever been with a tornado was when I was about 15 or so. I was in Kansas on a summer mission trip with my church. The first Sunday we were there, a massive storm moved through that night. Sirens started going off and we huddled into a bathroom and rode out the storm. The next day we ventured out and saw the damage of what was probably an EF2 tornado that touched down about a mile from us.

Another video of a waterspout has been shared off the coast of Florida. This was from about two weeks ago.

That is just awesome but probably pretty scary for the folks in those hotels.

Gotta love Mother Nature, though. Even when she is at her worst, there can be a moment of beauty and fascination from it.

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