By now, you're probably aware there is a solar eclipse happening on Monday starting around 11:40 am, and while the population of the US in direct path of the total eclipse are in for a bigger show, we'll be able to experience the rare phenomenon as well.

At the risk of sounding like a baby, I'm a little bummed we won't get to see the total eclipse in Texas, but there is good news!

We'll have a front row seat to the total eclipse on April 8, 2024. And according to and TIME, we'll have the best view of the whole show.

Google Maps | Eclipse-Chasers
Google Maps | Eclipse-Chasers

So, enjoy the show on Monday and remember, we'll get our turn in 2024 - patience is a virtue, after all. In fact, you can see where you can experience the next total eclipse over the next 50 years at TIME.

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