Tonight will be the first of the series of presidential debates. Tuning in to these can give the citizens of the US a better understanding of what each candidate plans to do for the country. It may sound boring, but it is important for all of us.

No matter your political persuasion, these debates are important to you. Before choosing who will run the states, it would be best to know how they want to run them.

Tonight will feature Barack Obama and Mitt Romney speaking about topics close to every citizen. Subjects such as health care, immigration, education, and Social Security will be the big topics. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or even Liberal, you will have an opinion on one or all of these topics. These and other issues affected all. It would not be in your best interest to ignore who is put in power. If you are unhappy about a policy or government actions, simply complaining about it won't change what is happening. Our government is place for us all to have a voice as a group and individually.

Voting is an important part of adulthood. Once you have been out in the "real" world for a while and see how things are going, you will more than likely like some things to change. The first turn to take route for change is voting. Electing your local, state, and national politician helps you determine what happens to you. Before you watch the debate tonight, register to vote. There are only  six more days to accomplish this. When booths open on November 6th, don't miss out on voting and let everyone around you make your decisions for you.

Tonight will give you new perspective, information, and even fuel against your opposing candidate if you please. Be informed, have an opinion, and vote.