When the Longview City Council gathers for their meeting on Thursday, July 15, they will be discussing a particularly sensitive resolution. It's a crucially important one, though. Both for Longview, and for all of East Texas.
The resolution to be considered is regarding expressed "opposition to the
so-called white unity conference allegedly planned for a location in or near the Longview area." They will also be discussing the condemnation of hate groups in East Texas--as well as addressing bigotry in all of its forms.
Page 1 of the resolution to be discussed. Photo: City of Longview
This planned "white unity" event is allegedly planned for some time later in the year. 
In a press release shared on the City of Longview's Facebook page, Longview Mayor Andy Mack said:
"We as a city are taking the appropriate actions with regard to this currently non-verifiable event. We’re crafting a resolution to be considered at our July 15 City Council meeting, which would denounce the hatefulness represented by this group or any group wishing to promote hate."
When the council has met and discussed this issue, and the resolution is "complete," it will be released to the public.
Page 2 of the resolution to be discussed. Photo: City of Longview
Mayor Andy Mack went on to emphasize that "while [they] recognize the importance of freedom of speech, [they] also recognize that [they] have a responsibility to protect our citizens from dangerous conduct. So, we will continue to monitor the situation and respond appropriately within the bounds of the law."
Further insights shared made it unmistakably clear that, as far as the City of Longview is concerned, hate groups of any kind do NOT represent the community.
Page 3 of the resolution to be discussed. Photo: City of Longview
The strength of their opinion was further emphasized in the release when Mayor Mack confirmed that he and the Longview City Council "denounce this attempt to promote hate and bigotry in our town. Now is the time for Longview to show we are a diverse community that loves each other, defends each other and protects each other."
To Mayor Andy Mack and all of the members of the Longview City Council---Respect. 

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