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Someone told me once and it really stuck in my brain, that you can only get married five times in Texas. I'm sure it was in the course of a conversation with someone that had been married a few times.

I just thought that was the gospel, and the truth is completely the opposite. You can get married as many times as you want in any state of the union.

There are other restrictions that could apply to your upcoming nuptials that make more sense than just limiting the number of times. You can marry anyone you want in Texas regardless of sex, race, or religion, as long as you follow these rules.

The Texas Family Code Controls Who Can Marry

In 2017 Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed SB 1705. This bill was designed to limit marriage to adults 18 years of age or older. If you are younger than 18 then the courts get involved.

There are exceptions for minors that have been emancipated by a court order. That is few and far between, but the bill established an absolute floor of 16 years old.

Up until that was passed, Texas was a hotbed for child brides as young as 12. With Texans getting married later and later in life, that rule shouldn't be an issue for the majority of us.

You Can Only Marry One Person At A Time In Texas

Bigamy is considered a criminal offense in the state of Texas. You can't get married if you are already married, including common law marriages.

If you have been divorced in the state of Texas you have to wait 30 days after it is final to remarry in Texas. So if you are planning on getting married again, just know that you can marry as many times as you want, as long as you follow these rules.

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