The Wanted didn't hold back when sitting down for an interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. The host brought up all the hot topics, such as the boxing match challenge that the group issued to fellow U.K. boy band One Direction, and what it is about Rihanna's walk that inspired a song.

About the 1D feud and hitting the ring, Max George explained how the feud returned to prominence, saying, "Well it was about a few months ago. It got a bit heavy with them online. We came to the realization that doing something online is a bit silly. There’s obviously a bit of steam that needs blowing off between us. So we asked to meet them, but it didn’t end up happening. So why don’t we do something where we could actually raise a bit of money."

George said the challenge to duke it out wasn't a joke and did acknowledge that 1D are younger and fitter, so it'd be anyone's game to win...or lose.

And what is it about Rihanna's walk that inspired 'Walks Like Rihanna?' Is there something about her gait that we just don't see? "I think she's the most confident out of anyone," Jay McGuiness said. "She’s quite bada-- as well. Do you know what I mean? Like she’s got that raw vibe like she might throw a mic and be like 'I’m done for today everyone.' Like she doesn’t really care, but she’s still like a great performer."

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