When the rest of the world hears "East Texas", they either think of longhorns hanging on living room walls or that TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger. or perhaps famous East Texans like Jamie Foxx (Terrell), Patrick Mahomes (Whitehouse), or Forrest Whitaker, who was born in Longview). Foodies think of something else when they hear East Texas, though.

Let's call it, "Eat Texas"!

Foodies might think of that time the James Beard Awards gave Texas its own category, or they might think of certain popular local burger joints that are regional winners. When somebody new comes to town, let's take 'em to someplace weird but delicious, a place they could never find anywhere else in the world but here in East Texas!

A place where they can wear their most outlandish wig (or toupee). A place where you can bring your weird and/or creepy friends (or not) and they'll blend right into the atmosphere. A place where the restaurant's name is just as gossip-worthy as the food. A place to see and be seen in the eastern tip of the Lone Star State!!

  • It'll Do Deli (Longview)
  • Bodacious Bar-B-Q (Longview)
  • Jalapeno Tree (Longview)
  • Moose Market (Longview)
  • Pat-N-Pigy's Belle Pepper Cafe (Longview)
  • Golden Chick (Longview)
  • Slim Chickens (Longiview)
  • Pettys Steak and Catfish (Lindale)
  • Love & War (Lindale)
  • The Sugar Spun Dragonfly (Van)
  • La Waffalata (Mineola)
  • Luscious Crumb (Mineola)
  • Only Burgers (Overton)
  • Pizza Man & Videos (Frankston)

At some of these East Texas places, the Whiskey-Sour drinks are sublime and the Fish-n-Chips are simply PURRFECT. Sure, some of the menus are always changing and I don't know what to tell you as the reason why other than "because they can!". The restaurant names might seem a bit weird, but is East Texas food is divine.


People have fallen in love at first bite with East Texas food and that ain't going to change!

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