What the “King of Country” Mr. George Strait was able to do this past weekend at Kyle Field at Texas A&M in College Station was unbelievable. We are talking about 110,905 fans who were all willing to deal with hot Texas heat in the middle of June to watch the greatest country singer of all time. Only the King could bring so many people together for a fun night of country music, but there have been other musicians who have been able to put on some huge concerts in Texas as well.

George Strait at Kyle Field
Photo courtesy of Madalyn Claire McClure

Obviously, if you want to be considered in the same conversation as George Strait, you better be a very well-known musician who is loved by everyone. But there is some good news because Texas is such a huge state, there are plenty of people to attend your show. So, it made me wonder what are some of the biggest shows of all time in Texas? 

Only The Biggest Names in Music Could Do These Shows 

All the musical acts listed below for having monster shows in Texas are names you have probably heard of before. We are talking about real musical legends who have tremendous fanbases willing to show up even if it means battling the crowds for parking spots and bathrooms.  

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Here are Some of the Biggest Concerts in Texas History 

Since I haven’t been able to see all the biggest concerts in Texas history myself, I asked Chat GPT to assist with coming up with a list of some of the biggest concerts in Texas history. Let’s see what musicians could put on these enormous shows. 

Biggest Concerts in Texas History

These music legends have been able to hold some enormous concerts in the Lone Star State.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

40 Photos of George Strait Young

George Strait is the undisputed King of Country. With a career spanning over 40 years, he has charted more than 60 No. 1 country songs and has more No. 1 hits than any other artist in a single genre.

Gallery Credit: Evan Paul

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