Today is the day to celebrate our moms! Mother's Day is a time to show our love and appreciation for all the women who have always been there for us.

So, this Mother's Day the Hot 107-3 Jamz team wants to give their moms a shout-out on their special day.

Hot 107-3 Jamz:

Shawn Knight: "Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!"

Shawn Knight, Townsquare Media

Townsquare Media Staff:

Carleen Dark: "The best, sweetest, kindest woman and mother who has walked this earth!"

Carleen Dark, Townsquare Media

Michael Gibson: "I'm biased but my mom, Harriet Gibson, is the greatest. She loves and supports all my endeavors. But she's still not afraid to be my mom and put me in my place if the situation arises. No matter how old we get, me and my sister are always her children and she'll always love and teach us."

Michael Gibson, Townsquare Media

Mandee Montana: "Happy Mother's Day. I love you!"

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media

Here is a picture of Jen Austin and her daughters! From all of us at Townsquare Media: "Happy Mother's Day! We appreciate everything you do!"

Jen Austin, Townsquare Media

Cinnamon Cornell: "My mom is my biggest supporter and my #1 fan. She always has my back and I don't know what I would do without her. I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be."

Cinnamon Cornell, Townsquare Media

Stephanie Derfus: "Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!"

Stephanie Derfus, Townsquare Media

Mary Ramos: "Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom."

Mary Ramos, Townsquare Media

Shawna Yockey: "To the one who gave me life. May we get to enjoy as much of it together as possible. Happy Mother's Day!"

Shawna Yockey, Townsquare Media

Jesse Collins: “All I can say about my mom is I literally wouldn’t be here without her! I love you mom!"

Jesse Collins, Townsquare Media

Kenny Smith: "My mom Annie Golightly, was a mother of four girls and one boy. She was a college graduate at 62 years old, and she is the only woman to ride the entire Great American Cattle Drive of 1995. At the age of 64 she was an artist, singer, songwriter, entertainer, cowgirl, scotch lover, driver of Ford’s, friend of Arnold Palmer, Tom T. Hall, John Connaly, and cowboys everywhere."

Kenny Smith, Townsquare Media

Tara Holley: "Dear Mommalina. Happy Mother’s Day Week—☀️🌷Thank you for your life-long love and friendship, and for teaching us the beauty of kindness. And for so many things. I love you."

Tara Holley, Townsquare Media

Chris Cobb: "Happy Mother's Day!"

Chris Cobb, Townsquare Media

Julie Brown: "My mom has always been there even when I thought I did not need her! I am very grateful to have had such an awesome childhood with such a great role model! She worked hard to make sure I was taken care of first. I will always be in debt to her. I love my mom and I am so lucky to be her daughter! Happy Mother's Day! We love you -Julie and Glenn"

Julie Brown, Townsquare Media
Julie Brown, Townsquare Media