How can we forget the 2020 Netflix documentary Tiger King? In the documentary, we were introduced to the slimy and disconnected fashion of Jeff Lowe and Lauren Dropla. Not to spoil the whole thing, but Lowe ended up taking over the park belonging to Joe Exotic after Exotic ended up in prison for a weird he said/she said murder-for-hire situation went south. Joe was accused of hiring someone to murder his rival, Carole Baskin, of Big Cat Rescue.

The Department of Agriculture has performed multiple inspections of the park formerly owned by the Tiger King, and in each of those inspections, it was given citations for poor care to the animals it housed. The failures included poor housing, poor nutrition, and not providing timely or adequate care to the animals under Lowe's care. After being in non-compliance so many times, a warrant was procured to seize the animals from the park.

According to the report from FOX 35, over 40 agents made their way onto the park's property, served Lowe with the search warrant, and seized close to 70 animals under his care. The warrant cited that Lowe's roadside park was violating the Endangered Species Act and the Animal Welfare Act, according to the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

Lowe's representatives have no responded to the situation as of yet.

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