One of those evil yet delicious creations around the office this time of year is the candy corn/dry roasted peanut mixture. Oh my. Do you have it at your desk? Yum! Whoever started it was a borderline genius. It's sweet and salty. It's crunchy and chewy. It's got all the culinary opposites that your mouth tells you it needs and of course, does not. But I digress.

If you've popped some handfuls of candy corn today or this Halloween season, how long does it take to burn it off? We have some working out to do. I'll give you a hint. To burn off one handful of candy corn - just ONE handful - we've got to walk longer than 30 minutes. Oh dear.

Shape Magazine shares the news that one handful of candy corn scores us 250 calories and it will take 37 minutes of walking to burn it off. I do enjoy the treadmill, but the less ambitious side of me offers the thought, "well how much sitting can we do?" Can we just sit here for three or four hours and that lovely and delicious Halloween treat will be long gone? I suppose Shape Magazine would say that gives us too much time to find our way to another handful.

Perhaps you're a candy corn hater and you prefer the Snickers and M&Ms. Shape doesn't offer the walking stats on those, but the inkling is there that we probably ought to hit the trails.

Today marks the beginning of the weight gain season right? From now through mid-January we'll be hearing all about the holiday pounds. Just trying to help you nip it! It all starts with Halloween treats apparently.

See you at the gym.