Ok...door knocking time is almost upon us and if you're anything like me you want to get, and give, the good stuff!  So if you just can't decide on what candy you should hand out, here's my Top 5 Halloween Candy list that is sure to please!

5.  Smarties - A little sour, a little sweet, it's Halloween chalky goodness.  Check out the full list after the jump!

4.  Pop Rocks - This isn't something you normally eat, which is what makes it cool.  It's a fun once-a-year kind of thing.  And no... Mikey the Life cereal kid didn't die from mixing Coke and Pop Rocks so swish away!

3.  Milk Duds - Wanna quiet the kids down?  Have them chew up a mouth full 'o duds and it'll get quiet.  You simply can't talk with a mouth full of caramel stuck between your teeth.

2.  Candy Wax Bottles - Remember these?  Like Pop Rocks, this probably isn't in your regular candy rotation, which is the point.  It's old school fun.  Chew the wax, drink the juice...good times!

And our Number #1 All Time Halloween Candy is...(drum roll please)

1. Candy Corn - Approximately 99% Sugar and 1% food coloring, it's THE Halloween staple...Trick or Treat!