As it turns out, winning the Super Bowl isn’t the only thing that will earn you a special trip to Disney World. This year, the Top 5 contestants on ‘American Idol‘ will be making their way to Orlando too — and being paid handsomely for their time.

It’s all part of a deal between Disney and ‘Idol’ to help promote the theme park’s new American Idol Experience, and it’ll result in each contestant heading down to the park to spend a day taping their part in the attraction. In exchange, they’ll earn an impressive $50,000.

That’s for the second-through-fifth-place contestants, anyway. For the winner, things get a little more complicated, with the contract specifying a taped spot, a commercial, and an in-person appearance at Disney World to help give the Experience’s grand debut a little extra splash. But that extra work will pay off, to the tune of a healthy $200,000 payday. Are you wishing you’d taken singing lessons yet?

We’ll have to wait a while to find out which ‘Idol’ hopefuls will be heading for the Happiest Place on Earth — the current season has only winnowed its contestants down to the Top 9 following Erika Van Pelt‘s elimination.

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