Sunday evening, a storm system produced a number of tornadoes in north Texas, including two in East Texas.

These storms devastated a stretch of north Dallas leaving in its wake numerous damaged buildings, tens of thousands without power, and hundreds of thousands of people shaken.

An EF-3 Tornado struck North Dallas from Las Colinas to Richardson. It's estimated to have maximum winds of 140mph. It was on the ground for 15.75 miles and 32 minutes.

Another tornado hit Rowlett, this one an EF-1 tornado. It had maximum winds of 100mph. This tornado was on the ground for 6 miles and 9 minutes.

The first tornado that struck East Texas was an EF-0 that hit Wills Point in Van Zandt county. This storm caused damage and was estimated to have maximum winds of 78mph. It was on the ground for .63 miles and 5 minutes.

The second tornado in East Texas was an EF-0 that hit near Beckville in Panola county. This tornado was on the ground for .8 miles and 2 minutes, with maximum winds at 85mph.

These tornadoes were caught on camera by a number of people in the area, some of whom put themselves in danger to get a video of the tornado. It also hit during the Dallas Cowboys versus Philadelphia Eagles game taking place at AT&T Stadium, just a short drive from where this storm hit. The NBC affiliate in Dallas, which was showing the game on-air, did break in a number of times to warn viewers of the danger, but did not go “wall-to-wall.” This decision has drawn large criticism on social media. Other Dallas area TV stations stayed on until the warning expired.
This storm also caused an 18-wheeler to overturn on I-35E, causing the highway to shut down for a period of time. A Home Depot in the area was seen via social media with extensive damage, and there were also a number of reports of a gas leakage following the storm. On top of that damage from this storm is extensive in the area.

Numerous media outlets in the area have also reported that Dallas Stars forward, Tyler Seguin’s house was heavily damaged by the tornado. It’s being reported that nobody was home at the time the storm hit.

With all of the damage and destruction, it’s being reported that there have been no fatalities or major injuries. If that changes we’ll be sure to let you know.

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