For a couple from Florida their vacation diving excursion went from fun to high speed chase in a matter of minutes. Although, they weren't fleeing police nor in a car, they were in a speed boat and being chased by a pod of Orcas or Killer Whales. See the amazing video!

Off the coast of La Paz, Mexico the couple from Lutz, Florida were diving and having fun when they noticed their dive instructor signaling everyone to return to the boat. Without question they did and immediately the captain put the boat in high gear and took off. That is when the passengers noticed the boat was being chased by a pod of Killer Whales leaping out of the water close enough to land just inside the boat. Laura Howard along with her husband Rich, an oceanographer, filmed the whales with her FlipCam. You can hear everyone in the boat laughing and applauding each time the whales leap out of the water like dolphins.

The Howard's along with most people think that these whales are just having fun and playing in the waves however, I do not think that is what is happening. We have a tendency to think the best about wild animals and that they are here for our entertainment. As we have seen in the tragic videos from SeaWorld that is hardly the case in fact it is quite the opposite. Although, it has been documented by many seafarers that dolphins will swim in front of ships they generally don't see them giving chase and leaping towards the rear of ships coming within inches of the vessel and its propellers. What do you think? We the whales having fun with the people or were they trying to chase down lunch?

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