The Milam County Sheriff's department says that nearby residents were saved by the 'grace of God' after a train collided with a semi on Tuesday morning sending a fireball shooting into the sky.

According to KVUE, the crash happened in Cameron, TX not far outside of Austin. The train, which was carrying fuel tank cars, collided with the semi just after 7 a.m.

It's unclear what led up to the crash, regarding whether the semi was stationed on the tracks, or if it tried to beat the train.

Sheriff Chris White told reporters that 14 cars on the train derailed, a several were still burning hours later.

Miraculously, the train conductor and driver of the semi both survived the crash.

According to Sheriff White, the more hazardous materials were being carried farther back on the train and that nearby residents were spared by that.

"By the grace of God, we were saved by that one," he said.

The video is incredible. To think that no one was killed, it had to be a miracle that that was the case.

Crews are reportedly coming from both Houston and Dallas to help put out the flames and get the scene under control.

Hazmat crews are on scene out of precaution.

Sheriff White said that residents in the area of the explosion were told to evacuate, and that one home did burn down as a result of the flames.

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