CAUTION: Don't travel out of state if you reside in Texas.

Listen, I don't make the rules, I just look at 'em and figure out whether I'll follow them or not. The #MaskUp rule, for instance, is definitely one that I looked at and said, "Yup, I'm following that one, here's my face mask!" The travel rule is another mandate that I saw, considered, and went, "Indeed! I'm not traveling out of state for nothing and nobody until this coronavirus thing gets under control!"

It's not that there's a particular "rule" that says you can't travel out of state, it's just that it will be way too much of a hassle for you and the people with you if you do. Quarantining yourself for 14 days, gathering up test results and other medical paperwork to prove you are not infected with COVID-19, intrusive questioning of your whereabouts during your quarantine period, I mean, who wants to be bothered with all of that?!

I get it, this travel warning sucks! I am just as annoyed and angry about these restrictions as you are. You see, I was supposed to send my kiddo, Willow, out to the Mississippi coast for the whole summer to spend some time with my BFF and her kids, but those plans were made BEFORE The Rona.

Willow had been looking forward to getting out of dodge for a few weeks and spend some time out there on the beach. After taking a look at the COVID-19 infection rates in MS, I made the judgment call that there was no way I would be flying little Willow out to Mississippi. Mississippi's coronavirus infection rates have spiked up way too high for my liking, and my best friend is concerned about Willow's travel and health safety, too. I guess we'll just have to plan for Willow to venture out to Biloxi next summer if the COVID disease can be tamed.

It seems that the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) is issuing some urgent "rules" for those thinking about traveling from Texas to another state. MySanAntonio news reports that Texans have to quarantine themselves for 14 days once they travel to the states of Hawaii, or the Washington D.C. district, along with travelers from Illinois, Alaska, Vermont, South Carolina, Kentucky, Rhode Island, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Connecticut. Whew! It seems that Texans aren't being welcomed to come to visit these states with open arms anytime soon. (I can understand why, though!)

In case you think these travel quarantine rules are something to play around with, just remind yourself of the case of Texas native and San Antonio resident, Chris Coleman, who was arrested this month by the police in Hawaii for insisting on breaking the quarantine rules.

That's right, y'all stay far away from these states. We are trying to get our own mess under control and so are they. Now that more people are wearing face masks and the new cases of infections are slowly beginning to decline, hopefully we can try to fly the friendly skies or take some road trips again in a few months!

Take a look at all the travel health notices from the Centers for Disease Control here.

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