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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Part Time Justin is 'turning up' your plain ole boring Tuesday!

Starting off 2021 in typical Part Time Justin fashion, he's turning up this Tuesday with a drink, but this time its a healthy drink! Green tea. Justin says green tea is loaded with health benefits, like, better smelling breath with catechin, it stabilizes your energy with caffeine and more.

With so many of us making resolutions this year to get healthy and go to the gym to work out and get in shape, Justin offers up these ways to work in some exercise without having to go the gym for that workout. He suggests things like:

  • learning a TikTok dance
  • playing tag
  • doing some 'laundry'
  • live action role playing game
  • make a date night active
  • join an intramural sports team

See Part Time Justin talk about this and more in the following video edition of Turn Up Tuesday.

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