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Have y'all seen some of the newest Valentines for kids on sale now for Valentine's 2023?

I mean come on with the Wacky Face Cut Out, Scratch Off Art Deco, and Fortune Cookie Valentines. Those are next level!  

So we decided to take you back to simpler times... when Valentine's Day cards were just flat pieces of paper! lol enjoy our

When we first saw this bodacious Youtube video from VKMTV Studios, we freaked out!

We had totally forgotten about these super cool Valentine's Day cards many of you probably remember exchanging back in the '80s and '90s.

Waxing nostalgia on Valentine's Day, we decided to take a deep dive and find the most radical Top 20 Valentine's cards from our wonder years, when many of us were experiencing our very first crushes and first loves.

Check Out These Retro Valentine's Day Cards

Some of these Valentines come from the video above, and some from Etsy, but all of them bring back great memories.

Recognize any of these?

If you've still got one of your retro Valentine's Day cards, hit us up on the app with a photo and we will sooooo find you a prize from the prize vault!

How many Valentine's Day cards are bought from Hallmark?

According to Hallmark Corporate, 145 million cards are sent every year around the world and that number does NOT include Valentine's Day cards school children exchange with each other!

Who was your first crush, your first love? Let us know on the station app! We'd love to visit with you and tell you how much we love our listeners too!

Happy Valentines Day!

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